iRiS is a global leading enterprise applications platform provider creating innovative mobile and web solutions for the hospitality industry.

iRiS’s multi-tenanted, cloud-hosted Guest Experience Platform (GXP®) increases revenue, reduces costs and successfully improves the end-to-end guest experience. More than 3,000 hotels and restaurants worldwide choose to work with iRiS for their ability to deliver tomorrow’s guest experience, today.

Jason Jefferys

Jason Jefferys

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO and Founder of iRiS, Jason sets the vision and strategic direction for the company. A successful entrepreneur, he manages business growth including acquisition of global partners, sales and marketing, product management, and software development.

Jason's passion is contagious and defines the culture for this fast track team.

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Jeremy Ward

Jeremy Ward

Chief Operations Officer

An execution expert with 15 years in the hospitality industry, Jeremy manages all aspects of iRiS operations from project management and implementation to onboarding processes and support.

Jeremy keeps the train on the track and enthusiasm across every project.

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Nelson Wootton

Nelson Wootton

Chief Technology Officer

Nelson leads the technical strategy for iRiS. He monitors current technology trends and investigates new technologies, assessing their potential for enhancing effectiveness and ROI for users. Plus, he oversees research and proof-of-concept initiatives.

Nelson sets the pace and assures iRiS solutions constantly drive innovation.

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Nelson Wootton
Nelson Wootton
Nelson Wootton

A history founded in innovation

iRiS was started in 2010 as a result of one simple market shift: consumers have changed how they shop, book services and engage. Consumers have become untethered, but always connected to a device and a network. So the way we serve consumers had to change.

Streamlining service delivery

Our powerful open enterprise platform, suite of mobile solutions and most popular integrations allow hospitality businesses to connect with guests and deliver service experiences that are timely, relevant and convenient.

Transforming the stay experience

Our platform and products reflect the dynamic way guests communicate. iRiS helps hotels and restaurants keep the stay experience up-to-date with the ease and economies of one comprehensive enterprise mobile platform.

Delivering service how guests want it

Anytime, anywhere is the 'new normal' for guest service in hospitality that defines every stay experience. iRiS empowers hotels and restaurants to service guests on their terms.