Industry Insight

Do you have the Industry Insight for Future Technology you need. Much is said about new technology and the impact it is having and will make on society, but what do we really know about the impact it will have on hotels and their guests.

Having developed one of the leading guest experience platforms, iRiS is continually looking forward at what the next generation of technology will bring and how this can help further improve the engagement of guests with hotels.

Our series of white papers that will give you valuable industry insight into future trends and the impact they may have.

The three white papers in this series are:

  • Latest Trends in Hospitality Industry. click to read more.
  • Technology as a service, how it will facilitate change in the hospitality industry.
  • Why use platform Technology to deliver guest facing engagement.

The white papers are being released over the next few months, to listen read those that have already been published or to the view the Webinars supporting each white paper as they are released click here. For future white papers, add the dates to your diary, these will be confirmed two weeks prior to the event.

To find out more about the papers and our views on these trends contact us.