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Increase Revenue with iRiS Digital Menus


The F&B industry has always been wary of adopting the use of new technologies; however, technology is not just about shaping the way businesses are run but using it as a new way to communicate with customers.

iRiS Software Systems influences the way the F&B industry works with technology. We are reshaping guest technology to work with businesses to embrace new solutions for their customers. Our F&B application replaces the paper wine menus and allows diners to view food, wine and beverages lists visually, enjoy stunning imagery and enticing descriptions. Combined with a host of unique features and ‘menu modifiers’, these features make the app remarkably convenient and truly engaging. The application allows swift and simple filtering of options to suit their needs.

But how does this help businesses?

“In the first six weeks of the F&B classic tablet, our hotel saw a 103% increase in premium drink sales and a 31% increase in drinks revenue per cover.” – 2016, Hotel in Gateway.

With the right push and marketing, our solutions work to give you maximum revenue and help you utilise options including remaining inventory, deals of the day, specials, customer loyalty and email marketing.

If you are serious about your wine list, go digital purely for the reason that it allows you to offer your guests’ so much more information than a paper-based menu.” —Jason Jefferys

This new phase of guest technology brings speed, convenience and precision – something consumers want more of. As seen by iRiS, giving customers what they want will help business with rapid sales increase – with our customers seeing an overall 25% increase in wine sales in the first two months.

Guest technology in the F&B industry has never been more simple with the iRiS F&B suite, giving you more upselling opportunities, improved performance, increased covers and helping you reduce the number of staff you have on the floor – all packed into a tablet or mobile device.

-Chandni Kalyanji

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