Discovery is all about capturing the attention of the potential guests and driving them towards a booking. If they have already booked, this can be the entry point for an in stay experience by navigating to their current hotel and signing in to an app.


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Group, Brand or Property Information API

Functionality: GXP can be used to build up content about single hotels or multiple hotels within a given brand. Information such as contact details, images, location/address, amenities etc. can be stored. This data can then be used to allow guests to browse hotel information.

App: Standard Mobile Valet

Booking or Loyalty Information API

Functionality: GXP can be used as part of a wider Booking/Loyalty solution. Options range from simply driving guests to an existing web-based booking/loyalty program page to a fully integrated mobile booking solution.

App: For simple embedded web views see Standard Mobile Valet, For custom integrations to booking and loyalty solutions see Tailored Mobile Valet.

IntegrationCentral Reservation Systems & Loyalty Systems