Front Desk

Maintain current room/guest occupancy information and allow guests to submit orders and service requests by authenticating based on their reservation/check-in details.

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Room Occupancy

Functionality: Maintain currently checked-in guest information across all rooms either manually through GXP Manager or automatically using our wide range of PMS integrations.

App: Standard Mobile Valet, Guest Valet or Web Valet

Integration: Property Management Systems

Room Specific Content

Functionality: Provide guests in certain rooms with a tailored set of content to personalise their experience or provide exclusive offers to VIP suites.

App: Standard Mobile Valet, Guest Valet or Web Valet


Device Pairing API

Functionality: Pair a tablet device with a particular room to automatically log guests into an app as soon as a check-in occurs at the front desk. When guests enter the room, they are already logged in to the app and a welcome message can be displayed.

App: Standard Guest Valet