Impeccable customer care and efficient operations give a hospitality business a sizeable competitive advantage, and technology allows these businesses to effect dramatic change in both areas.

iRiS’s enterprise platform provides more ways to serve guests by supporting seamless integrations with every type of hotel system. Leading Property Management Systems (PMS), Room Management Systems (RMS), Point-of-Sale (POS) and IPTV integrate seamlessly into each and every iRiS application.

We also work with key technology partners such as Oracle and Microsoft who have ensured we are at the forefront of the marketplace.

As such, iRiS is the first certified vendor in hospitality on the Oracle Platform and have worldwide approved interfaces with all MICROS POS systems.

Add providers anytime

Our open mobile infrastructure makes it easy to grow your key application providers. The platform is flexible and adaptable, integrating with your properties systems whenever you like.

More is better

Offering more ways to integrate with existing or future systems means more ways to mobilise the guest experience and achieve higher guest satisfaction and revenue.

Digitise your entire enterprise

iRiS covers the full range of operations and services needed including reservations, business systems, service, information, entertainment, and more.

Mobile room key

Enable guests to use their smartphone as their mobile room key, removing the need for cards, keys or pin numbers.

Mobile check-in/check-out

With PMS integration, guest can choose to bypass the traditional check-in process by using their smartphone to check into their room.