Plug-ins are features that can easily be installed and used as part of your application, for example Mobile Key, Apple Wallet and Apple Pay. Mobile plug-ins allow you to quickly and easily take advantage of the latest functionality that your guests now expect.

If you have Brand App and it’s integrated with your PMS, you can add a social login plug-in to allow guests to log-in to their account with their preferred social media profile – granting hotels permission to access more of a guest’s data.

Plug-ins are either simple features that are built as part of the platform and can be switched on or effortless integrations with a third-party provider.

Payment/Apple Pay

Enable payment to be integrated within the app by powering use of Apply Pay and similar services. Tokenisation through recommended payment providers allows storing of credit card details within the app for future use and guest convenience.

Social login

Allow guests to set up or login to their account / room by using their chosen social media profile to login.

Geo-location ibeacons

Use geo-location ibeacons functionality to alert the hotel of guest arrival or location on property for service delivery.

Apple Wallet

Integrate with Apple Wallet to enable guests to quickly and easily view their hotel reservation. Even share useful information such as balance of loyalty points, money left on the hotel coffee card, or a coupon expiration date.

Mobile room key

Enable guests to use their smartphone as their mobile room key, removing the need for cards, keys or pin numbers.

Mobile check-in/check-out

With PMS integration, guest can choose to bypass the traditional check-in process by using their smartphone to check into their room.