Service & Feedback

Provide guests with the opportunity to request a wide variety of services such as extra pillows, shoe shine, dry cleaning/laundry, taxi etc. and allow them to provide feedback to hotel staff during their stay, providing a chance for staff to rectify problems immediately and improve post-stay feedback ratings.

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Digital Service Menu API

Functionality: GXP’s rich content management system can be used to build out engaging service offerings, allowing the guest to browse content in their native language. Already using a service optimisation system? GXP can maintain links to service items in other systems.

App: Standard Mobile Valet, Guest Valet or Web Valet

Integration: Service Optimisation Systems, Spa Booking Systems

Place Service Request API

Functionality: Items from the Digital Service Menu can be requested by guests and will appear in the GXP Manager service centre where requests can be organised by outlet. For SOS integrated scenarios, requests are stored in GXP and forwarded directly to the SOS system. Subsequent status updates to service requests in integrated systems can also be synchronised back into GXP providing guests with regular feedback as their requests are processed.

App: Standard Mobile Valet, Guest Valet, Web Valet or F&B Tablet

Integration: Service Optimisation Systems, Spa Booking Systems

Works well with: Two-Way-Messaging API

In Stay Feedback API

Functionality: The GXP content management system can also be used to provide guests with feedback forms, used to help gather feedback whilst the guest is in the hotel. Hotel staff receiving SMS, email or VoiceMail notifications when feedback is received and can therefore address problems immediately before they escalate.

App: Standard Mobile Valet, Guest Valet, Web Valet or F&B Tablet

Works well with: Two-Way-Messaging API