F&B Tablet

More restaurants are experimenting with tablets. Tables turn faster by eliminating downtime and upselling is dramatically increased. F&B Tablet offers an interactive and multilingual digital menu for iOS and Android tablets, revolutionising the restaurant dining experience.

Table-pairing functionality that seamlessly interfaces with your Point-of-Sale (POS) system, combined with a host of unique features and ‘menu modifiers’ make this app remarkably convenient and truly engaging.

Customise the user interface (UI) to your brand, and set attributes and filters for your guests i.e. allergens, dietary requirements and alcohol content.

Furthermore, manage your stock inventory effectively and react quickly to supply chain changes with promotions and instant menu updates.

We are the first certified vendor in our space on the Oracle Micros Platform and have worldwide approved interfaces with all MICROS POS systems.

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Digitise your dining assets

Mouthwatering visuals and appetising descriptions can entice customers to spend more. Digital menus also allows quick updating of content across all locations.

Reduce your costs

Eliminate paper menu printing costs and use in-app promotions to manage stock, market dishes that need to be sold that day or change prices in an instant.

Streamline your operations

Remove human error by routing orders directly to your POS system. Automatically change menus based on time, day, audience, or when ever it’s needed.

Improve experience & generate revenue

Allow diners to customise their menu choices with a variety of modifiers and upsell chef specials, popular dishes and paired items based on their chosen preferences.