Guest Valet

Interactive, innovative and informative, Guest Valet goes beyond the traditional in-room guest directory. A full range of interactive services is offered right from the hotel-provided tablet.

Guest Valet can be fully tailored to each property’s brand identity using our User Experience (UX) specialists and interface designers. They work with you to create an app fitting to your identity, taste and style.

Plus, Guest Valet helps you grow revenue and provide guest intelligence by collecting essential user activity and preferences data for marketing use, with upselling ability.

Room controls plus service requests – all in one device

With varying integrations, the in-room tablet provides a convenient environment and entertainment control. Guests can control lights, temperature, curtains, the TV and more.

They can also make concierge request, book housekeeping, taxi requests and dinner reservations. Guest Valet puts control in your guests’ hands allowing you to operate more efficiently allowing staff to focus on higher-value tasks.

iRiS Guest Valet and iRiS Lobby are both Windows 10 UWP Applications.

See Guest Valet in action: request a demonstration.

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Digital hotel directory

Replace the hotel directory and give your guests direct access to all of your hotel facilities including in-room dining, hotel services and local area information.

Reduce your costs

Eliminate print costs by replacing multiple brochures with one in-room app. Make it easier to manage orders, process payments and analyse daily activity.

Streamline your operations

Information is stored in the cloud, streamlining any task requiring access to guest data. Human error can be eliminate by routing in-room orders through a POS integration.

Improve guest experience

Guests can order room service and control their room environment through a RMS/IPTV integration. Hotels can also tailor messages to their guests through a PMS integration.