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Professional Services

GXP For Your Brand

The power of GXP lies in its open, modular architecture: the iRiS Professional Services team puts that power to work for your brand.

Highly experienced technically, our developers, consultants and trainers also have a comprehensive understanding and working knowledge of the needs and challenges of the hospitality sector. Their expertise delivers a bespoke GXP solution for your brand.


The successful introduction of GXP, as with any other enterprise software suite, demands a detailed understanding of your situation and requirements. Our consultants will conduct a review of your current processes and offer costed recommendations for various alternative ways forward, help with questions relating to non-standard IT architectures, and undertake in-depth analytics on how existing applications are used, suggesting ways in which usage and adoption could be extended.


The iRiS developer team takes the GXP platform and APIs, and builds a solution specific to your brand, meeting your particular needs. Your existing systems such as POS, CRM and RMS can be integrated with the platform.

The developer team can also help you address and overcome operational challenges through the creation of user-specific workflows and customer functionality, and deliver your vision for guest facing apps, in terms of look and feel, and capability.

Leveraging the inherent flexibility of the GXP platform, APIs and integrations with the iRiS developer team’s capabilities, we allow you to design your own application to deliver a fully consistent, on-brand, customised guest experience.


The training your team will need is determined by a wide range of factors. Their existing knowledge and experience, the demands placed on them by customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, the physical, technical and commercial environment they operate in, and the APIs and integrations in your GXP implementation are just a few of them.

iRiS’ training consultants will work with you, taking such factors into account, to create a training programme that precisely meets your needs, helping you to gain the full benefits of your GXP platform as swiftly as possible.