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iRiS Guest Room

iRiS Guest Room has been redesigned for the modern guest, and is available for modern tablets on iOS and Android. Each device is then paired to a room in your hotel, so when your guest checks in to the hotel, the device is automatically updated to their language to great them as they arrive. We integrate with multiple Room Management Systems and IP Television providers, so your guests are able to control the temperature, change lighting, and view up-to-date television guides and control their TV all from the tablet. Digitise your In Room Dining menu so your guests can order food & drink to their room, providing guests with the times that suit your team.

iRiS Guest Mobile

If your guests prefer to use their own smartphones, iRiS Guest Mobile can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Stores so they can get in touch before they arrive, during their stay and after they leave with our new 2-Way Messaging system. We integrate with multiple Mobile Key providers to provide your guests with everything they need in their pocket. Digitise your menus on our Guest Experience Platform so your guests can order food & drink to any location your hotel provides, whether that’s to their room, poolside tables, or pick up locations, your guests order and you can do the rest.

iRiS Guest Web

With iRiS Guest Web, we have everyone in mind. For your staff, updating and previewing content on our Guest Experience Platform has never been easier with our Draft mode; test content updates before publishing to your guests. When your guests arrive, our product works on almost any personal device in the world and on all modern browsers. Content is shared across our iRiS Guest Apps, so your guests are covered on any touch point they wish to use, they can request some food on iRiS Guest Room, reply to order updates on iRiS Guest Mobile while on the go, and provide feedback on their food with iRiS Guest Web.

iRiS Guest Table

Your restaurant experience can be brought to life with iRiS Guest Table. Synchronising your Point of Sale system with our Guest Experience Platform provides us with your data, simply add some imagery and customise your content to make your menus pop. Your guests place orders, and the entire journey is covered on tablets for iOS or Android. Our Shortlist feature for iRiS Guest Table allows you to display your beautiful digital menus without the ordering journey, if you just want your guests to browse your simple Wine menus.

Open API Library

Using the iRiS Open API Library we develop your brand’s bespoke guest management application. Alternatively, you can brief your own developers or use our award-winning out-of-the-box product solutions. Enhance your guest experience, accelerate your mobile strategy and streamline your service delivery.

You can select the APIs you need, with no need to buy or support functionality you don’t need. Powerful integration APIs enable seamless interworking between GXP and third party tools such as VoIP, CRM and POS.

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