iRiS Guest Apps

We have rebuilt and redesigned our Apps for the modern guest. We allow your guests to order food and drink to any location they desire. Unlock their doors from their personal devices. Request service and help at any time you allow. Control lighting and temperature for their room, and provides guest communication with our two-way messaging system, putting you and the guest in control of the experience. iRiS Guest is powered by our Guest Experience Platform (GXP), and it provides you with the flexibility to create what you want, when you want.

The hospitality industry has always embraced technology, and the modern guest expects no less. Guests want simpler ways to interact with services, and want to be informed and communicated with in better ways, and in any language. iRiS Guest, powered by our Guest Experience Platform (GXP), provides you with the tools and technology to digitise your business in any number of ways. Hotels and Restaurants have more integrations and systems than almost any other business, and being able to bring all of that information together into one place for your guests is what iRiS does best.

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iRiS Guest is available on iOS, Android, and Web and comes in 4 products

iRiS Guest Room

iRiS Guest Room

iRiS Guest Room has been redesigned for the modern guest, and is available for tablets on iOS and Android in both portrait and landscape. Each device is then paired to a room in your hotel, so when your guest checks in, the device is automatically updated to their language to greet them as they arrive. We integrate with many Room Control and IPTV providers, so your guests are able to control the temperature, lighting, and view up-to-date television guides and control their TV all from the tablet. You can digitise your In Room Dining menu so your guests can order food & drink to their room and even control when certain menus are available with our feature called Availability Periods

iRiS Guest Mobile

iRiS Guest Mobile

If your guests prefer to use their own smartphones, iRiS Guest Mobile can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Stores and includes all of the same features as its counterpart. We integrate with many Mobile Key providers to provide your guests with everything they need in their pocket. Digitise your menus on our Guest Experience Platform so your guests can order food & drink to any location your hotel provides, whether that’s to their room, poolside table, or even pick up locations. Your guests can receive order updates from you on the progress so they know when their order is arriving, wherever they are.

iRiS Guest Web

iRiS Guest Web

With iRiS Guest Web, we have everyone in mind. For your staff, updating and previewing content on our Guest Experience Platform has never been easier with our Draft mode; test content updates before publishing to your guests. When your guests arrive, our product works on almost any device in the world. Content is shared across our iRiS Guest apps, so your guests are covered on any device they wish to use, they can request some food on iRiS Guest Room, reply to order updates on iRiS Guest Mobile while on the go, and provide feedback on their orders with iRiS Guest Web.


iRiS Guest Table

Now your guests can use iRiS Guest in the restaurant! The app can be setup to be a simple digital menu for your guests to browse or add wanted Items to a Shortlist, or you can allow your guests to send the orders straight to your POS system. We connect to some of the most popular POS systems in the world, and can synchronise your menu into our platform. You just need to add your images to bring the menu to life, and publish. Soon we’re going to be adding Combo Meals, Set Menu, Append to Cheque, and Payment. Your guests are going to love it.

All features added to iRiS Guest are included in each product so that your guests can use any of the devices you want to support. Integrations like Room Controls, and Television controls are unique to iRiS Guest Room, and Mobile Key is unique to iRiS Guest Mobile.