v5.10 July ‘19

  • Right to Left Language Support - we support right to left languages for those that need it!

  • Lots of bug fixes and general improvements to the app.

v5.9 June ‘19

  • Skin Manager — we’ve built a new skin manager (your app design and branding) so that we can provide updates to the skin of the app from our platform. We don’t have to go through lengthy processes to update to your new branding, we make the change and you publish a Version.

  • Lots of bug fixes and general improvements to the app.

v5.8 April ‘19

  • Order History — the Order History has been updated to include Non-Verified Orders. These are stored on the users device and if they eventually Sign In and create Orders the Order History will combine and show all Orders they’ve placed

  • Order History Quicklaunch the Top Bar includes Quicklaunch’s that show in the top right corner of iRiS Guest, you can now add the Quicklaunch for Order History

  • Availability Periods Design Change —we have received lots of feedback about the position on the item page of the Availability Period timeframe (aka 'the bubble'). So we moved it to a new area in the Item and we agree...it does look a lot cleaner

  • POS Cart Message for Charges — sometimes it takes a while getting charges from some POS systems, so we added some text in the Cart to inform the user that something is happening in the background and disabled the ability to place an order until the load is complete

  • Order History & Messages in the Side Menu — we have improved the design and the user experience by hiding these features if an Outlet or the Message Centre is not enabled. Previously these were showing for everyone

  • Lots of bug fixes and general improvements to the app.

v5.7.1 March ‘19

  • Fixed an issue where in some scenarios the Place Order button is available before the Cart has calculated the correct charges if added

  • Fixed an issue where returning guests using Mobile Key couldn’t generate a new key for a new room

v5.7 March ‘19

  • Non-Verified Guest — A big feature that deserved an entire blog post. Non-Verified Guest allows your day guests to place a food & drink order and/or make a request in your property by submitting a simple form via iRiS Guest. You can customise the form according to your business requirements with a selection of 11 fields to chose from I.e. Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number etc

  • Outlet Geofencing—allow Orders and Requests to be completed by your day guests from within a distance of 50-1000m from your Property, you decide what is suitable

  • App Information —access information such as app and content version or product details by double tapping on your property logo in the Side Menu

  • Lots of bug fixes and general improvements to the app.

v5.6.2 February ‘19

  • Fixed an issue where the Language code sent from the PMS was causing some users to not receive the correct content

  • Fixed a bug where the keyboard was overlapping content on the screen when trying to type

v5.6.1 January ‘19

  • Fixed an issue where the Availability Period showing on the Item was inconsistent

v5.6 January ‘19

  • Background Image Slideshow — set multiple images to show at different chosen times, and they will automatically change in the background of the Homepage of iRiS Guest

  • Section Availability Periods— such a big feature, we wrote an entire blog post about it. Create an Availability period and when you apply this to the Section, your guests can only order Items in the timeframes that you’ve specified

  • Change Order Preferences in the Cart — allow the guests the ability to change their order preferences from the Cart, by changing the location or the time

  • Lead Time — inform your guests of how much time it may take to prepare, deliver and complete the order. This shows in both the Outlet when users are browsing the Outlet, and in the Cart when they are checking their Order

  • Number of Diners in the Cart—your guests can now specify number of covers before placing an order. This new feature, showing in the cart, will allow you to 'set the scene' accordingly

  • Sign In Button—if your property does not take advantage of the Orders or Service Outlets features yet, you can now disable the Sign In button in the Side Menu. Enable this feature again when ready to use it

  • Lots of bug fixes and general improvements to the app.

v5.5 November ‘18

  • Related Items — a great up-selling tool that allows you to advertise more products in your Outlet when a guest is viewing an Item. Guests can either 'quick add' the Related Item if no Modifiers are required, or open the suggested Item in a new pop up window to read more about the Product or Modifiers

  • Full Screen Item View on Mobile — take advantage of a full screen design when viewing an Item

  • Full Screen Cart View on Mobile — the Cart page is now a full screen design rather than a pop up window

  • Full Screen Cart View on Tablet and Desktop — the Cart page is now a full screen design for Tablet and Desktop, and is shown in 2 columns with the Items added in the left column, and the order preferences shown in the right column

  • Enable 2 Way Messages by Outlet — you can now turn on/turn off 2 Way Messaging at the Outlet level if you have enabled this feature for your Property

  • Section Visibility by Room — now you can make a Section in the Side Menu visible to specific Rooms. A guest can sign in to see Sections that are unique to them, and when they sign out the Section disappears from view

  • Dynamic Widget —Dynamic Widgets are live on the Homepage and they can be used to show or hide specific content to guests staying in specific Rooms. Simply link the Dynamic Widget to a room that has a Section with Visibility attached to it, and depending on the room a guest is signed into it will hide or show the dynamic content

  • Add your comment Static Content—we’ve updated the Static Content for the comment box so the Cart, and Product/Service Items now use unique codes to help customise further

  • Lots of bug fixes and general improvements to the app.

v5.4.2 September ‘18

  • Fixed an issue where some colours were used incorrectly for the skin

v5.4.1 September ‘18

  • Fixed a bug where iRiS Guest can crash if bad data is added to the Mobile Configuration Settings field in GXP

v5.4 September ‘18

  • Metrics— setting the Metrics value as European or American in GXP sets the Weather integration to Celcius or Fahrenheit respectively

  • Translated Name for a Language—different languages are now shown in their mother tongue (German=Deutsch)

  • Lots of bug fixes and general improvements to the app.


  • Maximum Quantity for Multi-Select Modifiers—if you have a Multi-Select Modifier you can now set a maximum amount. With the example of 6 Pizza toppings, and the maximum set to to 3, the user can only add 3 toppings to their Pizza order

  • Routing—a mobile key user Interface and framework has now been added allowing guests to open their room thanks to a mobile key Widget generated on their smartphone

  • Lots of bug fixes and general improvements to the app.

V5.0 (first public release)

v5.0 was our first public release of iRiS Guest, which was re-written from the ground up for iOS, Android and Web. It was re-designed with the modern guest in mind, and includes a host of features as improvements over our last Valet suite of products. Every release includes new features and bug fixes to improve the product, and any feedback you have on how we can improve the Product can be sent to product@iris.net

  • Homepage Quicklaunch—give guests quick access to their Messages or Cart from the Top Bar

  • Homepage Widgets—setup multiple Widget types to include images and text, and when a user taps on them it directs them to content internal or external Content

  • Homepage Shortcuts—add the new Shortcuts at the top of the Homepage that provide guests quick access to internal or external content

  • Language Selector—add multiple Languages and add your translations so you can provide your guests with a personal experience they can understand

  • Static Content—customise the product to match your brands copy and tone of voice

  • Sections—Sections can connect to internal or external content, and are shown in the Side Menu when setup

  • Categories—connect Categories to Sections to further customise your content

  • Items—Product, Service and Information Item types allow you to digitise your hotels directory information, in room dining menus, housekeeping and concierge services with your beautiful images and text

  • Item Modifiers—customise your Items further with different types of Item Modifiers that can be added to Product or Service Items

  • Item Attributes—add text Attributes to an Item to help a guest know more information about an Item, like allergens or dietary requirements

  • Information Buttons—enable Information Buttons on Items to point guests to internal or external content

  • Charges—setup Delivery to Room, Service or Tax charges to add on to your Item prices, these are shown in the Cart and Order History

  • Order History—see a history of the Orders that have been sent by a checked in guest

  • 1 & 2 Way Messaging—1 Way messaging is enabled as default, so your guests receive updates on their order. Enable 2 Way Messaging so they can respond with iRiS Guest

  • Weather—guests can see a 5 day forecast in the Weather Section or summary of the current day in the Weather Widget

  • Waiting for Guest—when your guest checks out, iRiS Guest Room automatically changes to a page waiting for the next guest to check in with a screen including your hotel logo and information about the Room

  • Notification Sound—when you send updates on a guests order, or reply to them in 2 Way Messaging, the iRiS Guest Room app makes a notification sound so the guest can listen for an update

  • Tokens—personalise messages going back to the guest by using the guests name in message updates and confirmations

  • Terms and Conditions—enable T&Cs to be read and acknowledged on iRiS Guest Room

  • Alarm Clock—a simple 24 hour alarm clock that creates a sound even if the app is closed, only available on iRiS Guest Room

  • Versions—on iRiS Guest Room when you publish a Version it will randomise when the devices receive the content update in a 1 hour period, and on iRiS Guest Mobile the device will receive the update when the app is re-opened after being closed. iRiS Guest Web updates on a refresh of the browser

iRiS Guest includes the above features and lots of bug fixes and improvements to performance and stability in every release. You can visit our Support page to learn how to setup any of the above features, or if you think we can improve the product in anyway you can email your suggestions to product@iris.net

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