Every release of iRiS GXP brings our users, partners and customers enhanced features and capabilities. Below find further detail of each release.

R4.76 (coming soon!)

  • Item Modifiers - listing and search enhancements

    • NOW search Item Modifiers by ‘Display Name’ as well as ‘Internal Name’ - especially handy for POS integrated Properties where ‘Internal Name’ is not easily identified in a list, for example ‘Condiment Set 112’ has a Display Name of ‘Steak Meat Temperature’

  • F&B Menu - listing enhancements

    • A new column ‘Next Auto Sync’ has been added to the listing page for F&B Menu - allowing Users who do not have access to open F&B Menus to easily see when the next Auto Sync is due

  • V4 API - Related Items

    • Related Items are used to upsell / cross sell and pair items together - when setup, they are displayed in the iRiS Guest App and presented back to the end user when browsing and adding items to their cart. We want to push this functionality further and improve Transactional Reporting so that users can see how successful their Related Items are. To achieve this, we have amended the V4 API and added additional fields into the Property level CSV export.

    • A new property ‘RelatedParentCode’ has been added to the V4 API endpoint: Interactive/Outlet/{outletCode}/AddItemsToBasket

      • This allows front-end apps to send related item parent code back in the V4 API which can then update the Transactional Reporting CSV with relevant information as to whether an item ordered was done so as a Related Item

    • Additional columns at Property level Transactional Reporting CSV export:

      • POSItemCode

      • RelatedParentItemName

      • RelatedParentPosItemCode

      • RelatedParentItemOrdered (True/False)

    • Related Items Sort Order is now respected on the front-end Apps

  • Advertising Streams and Banners - validation

    • Validation in place to prevent Homepages from displaying broken Ad Streams or Banners - they both must have images assigned.

R4.75 (15th October, 2019)

  • Transaction Services POS Integration - Currency separator

    • Outlet can now support comma as well as decimal point as currency separator for placing orders

  • New type for App Key ‘Test’

R4.74 (24th September, 2019)

  • Modifier and Modifier Option Re-ordering!

    • Users can now easily re-order their Item Modifiers and Options with a simple drag and drop capability. The order defined in GXP will be reflected in the front-end App once a Content Version has been published

  • POS Sync (all integrations) Modifier Type = Single Select instead of Multi-Select on Sync

    • This change is in response to user feedback which led to an understanding that the vast % of Modifiers are 'Single Select' so this change should result in fewer manual changes after Syncs

R4.73 (16th September, 2019)

  • Transaction Services POS (Point of Sale System) - Prefix Filter when Syncing a Menu into iRiS GXP

    • Prefix lookup field = First Name and Third Name in EMC are supported. It is suggested that customers use the ‘Third Name’ field in EMC to add their Prefix moving forward, so to avoid the Prefix printing out on the Guest check

    • The Prefix is now automatically removed from the Display Name of Items in iRiS Manager (during initial sync only) - reducing the effort for customers who are using Prefix filtering and having to manually remove the Prefix from the Display Name title

  • Section Icon - No longer mandatory field - There are many customers who do not want to use Section Icons, so this selection is no longer a mandatory field in Manager when adding or editing Sections.

  • Enable Brand F&B Menus to be Editable at Property level - Enabling Brand Sync customers the ability to add local produce item details via ‘IsEditable’ toggle. To date our Brand Sync customers manage ALL content at Brand level and Property level have limited functionality to change those Items. This is generally tied to 'Visibility’ only, providing the Property the ability to show/hide products to their Guests. A change has been implemented which will now enable Brand Users to mark Items as ‘Editable’ giving Property level the opportunity to edit Name, Description and Image.

  • Hide ‘Share’ Buttons from all Item pages in Manager - these non-supported toggles are now hidden from the Item page

R4.72 (29th August, 2019)

This release is merged with R4.71

  • Building Manager API’s - Sections - this includes the linking of Categories to enable the creation of Sections and Categories via third party automation tools

  • Web Hooks - Part 1 - Web Hooks allow our customers to subscribe to events happening in iRiS GXP. When a specific event happens then this event can trigger a subsequent event. Web Hooks are used to deliver data to other applications. Phase 1 of this solution will be aimed to support Web Hooks for when an F&B Order has been placed which can then send information about that order to a third party system. The following was completed in this release:

    • Event Grid Domain setup in Azure

    • Publishing Flag for Event Grid Domains

    • Publishing Non-Verified Guest Order Created and Updated Events to Event Grid

R4.70 (6th August, 2019)

  • SSO (Single Sign On) “Feature Complete” - ready for customers to on-board!

  • Asset Manager - Ability to Search by Room Number/Asset Id - Managing devices via the Asset Manager has been optimised so that Users can now quickly find the right asset by searching for Room Number or partial Asset Id

R4.69 (23rd July, 2019)

Content Versioning has had a makeover - check it out!

  • Content Versioning - WebJob/Azure Function - Lots of useful columns have been added to the Versioning page and enhancements have been made to Brand level.

    • As a Manager User at Brand level I can trigger a group of Properties Versions from one area

    • As a Manager User at Brand level I can see a list of all Properties in my Brand, when they last Versioned, who (User) triggered that Version, the status and a quick link to navigate to Property

  • Item Tax is “Feature Complete” - Item Tax is not supported in iRiS Guest apps but may be used via the v4 API for customers building their own apps. The field is visible on the Item page but there is no way for a User to assign a Tax without the appropriate user permissions.

  • Lightspeed POS (Point of Sale System) - Supports ‘Number of Guests’ - when an iRiS Guest app customer is also integrated with Lightspeed POS the cart option which asks the user how many guests are dining can now be sent down to POS and printed on the staff check.

R4.68 (15th July, 2019)

This is a merged release with 67 and 68 shipping together. This includes SSO (Single Sign On) and will impact Users logging into GXP for the first time after the release. Note that Users will be logged out and asked to reset their password.

  • SSO part 2 of 3 – Log in flow and new User creation

    • Signing of SP AuthNRequest

    • AuthNResponse Decryption

    • Enable / Disable

    • Cookies Management

      • NOTE: ALL USERS WILL BE LOGGED OUT OF iRiS GXP and asked to reset password!

  • Building Manager API’s - Availability Periods

  • Building Manager APi’s - Outlet - enhancement to the Outlet Manager API

    • Outlet Opening Hours

    • Outlet Phone Number

  • Item Tax (Part 1 of 2) - Tax Area and Hierarchy - It has been identified that in some scenarios a Product Item may have a specific Tax that is different to another Item. Therefore we are working on the ability to assign a Tax Rate to Items. In this release a new area has been added at Group dimension under Setup called ‘Tax Area’ where Taxes can be added. (please note that this feature is not yet supported in iRiS Guest apps)

R4.66 (12th June, 2019)

This GXP release is a big one, with many themes! TS POS, more Manager APIs, v4 APi updates and another Content Versioning enhancement.

  • Transaction Services POS (Point of Sale System) - Price Records and Effectivity Dates - Effectivity Dates can be applied to Menu Items in EMC, and are most commonly used when a Menu is being updated with a Price change to become effective at a later date.

    Instead of assuming Price Level 1 is the only price that is mapped when performing a POS Sync, GXP will now consider all levels and will pick the first Price Record where effective date.

    TS allows 8 prices per item. Each price has a sequence number. If the price is in date, TS will send it to us, otherwise it doesn't send it E.g. 

    • Sequence Number 1 - not sent (not in date)

    • Sequence Number 2 - Price 8 (in date)

    • Sequence Number 3 - Price 11 (in date)

    We now look at the first available Sequence Number, which in this case is Sequence 2, and we stop there, meaning that we ignore Sequence 3.

  • Building Manager API’s – Link F&B Menu to Outlet - Manager API for Outlet that now enables a third party system to link an F&B Menu to an Outlet.

  • V4 API – Get Order by ID - As a developer using the v4 Guest API, an Order can be retrieved by its ID; so that the Order can be displayed in a third party system later, without storing the Order details in the app.

  • Optimised Navigation Menu - The Manager navigation menu (where you search for your Properties) has been optimised - so its faster and less clunky!

  • Transaction Services: v4 API GetOpenCheck - An up to date Check amount should always be displayed to a Guest in the front end UI – this API endpoint supports the scenario when Staff may add a discount, remove an item, or if payment is made outside of the app, then the app needs to know!

  • Content Versioning - ‘Created by’ Record - A new column has been added to the Versioning page in Manger tracking which User created which Version.

R4.65 (29th May, 2019)

This GXP release improves our Content Versioning capability and make a start on SSO (Single Sign On)

  • Content Versioning - Versioning is a long running theme for GXP and efforts will be made throughout various up-coming releases to optimise how our Content Versioning feature works. In this release we have introduced Redis cache.

  • Single Sign On - Part 1 - We want to remove the need for our GXP users to remember and manage logins and passwords, so we are working on the framework to support Single Sign On. First step has been completed, so you will notice that the login screen (gxp.iris.net) is now split into two pages, Enter your Email and then Enter your Password.
    SSO efforts will continue in future releases.

  • Item Lead Time - To support the scenario where a Guest submits a Food & Beverage order which contains food items that have varying preparation times; we have introduced a new field to both Product and Service Items. This new field is labelled ‘Lead Time’ and is not a required field. So you can still create Items and not be forced to add a Lead Time.

    This is available on the v4 API utilising the GetSectionsCategoriesItems endpoint, but is not yet supported in our iRiS Guest Solutions. If you are using our iRiS Guest solution, note that any value entered into this field will not impact the apps.

    If you are using our v4 API then this endpoint can be used to enable an estimated delivery time to Guests based on the longest Item Lead Time found in the cart.

R4.63 (25th April, 2019)

This GXP release is a Manager API and POS Integration heavy one, looking at both Transaction Services and OHEICS.

  • Migrate OHEICS to Transaction Services (POS) The objective is to enable the migration of Properties who are currently using OHEICS over to Transactional Services, whilst maintaining menu details, such as Name, Description, Image. The below work was completed as part of this release:

    • Extract and store the Transaction Services PosCode during an OHEICS Sync

    • Script to swap from SKU to PosCode

  • Building Manager API’s – Categories - Manager API is a long running theme, which will enable Automation. iRiS Manager API can be used so that third parties can build UI’s to support:

    • Create Categories

    • Update Categories

    • Delete Categories

  • Transaction Services [POS] Add to Existing Check (Guest Table) - As part of an iRiS Guest Table POC solution, we want to support users being able to continuously add Items to an existing check and send orders across multiple 'rounds'. The below work was completed as part of this release:

    • GXP Order Centre – display concept of rounds, by bundling orders tied to the same check together

    • V4 API Order History

R4.61 (2nd April, 2019)

This Release of GXP focusses on some enhancements to the Brand Sync feature we released last month. These changes were identified from customer and user feedback and seen as valuable additions to the Platform to support ease of use.

These changes include:

  • Check Info Lines - The Check Info Lines have been shortened for our Transaction Services POS Integration, this is to save space on the printed check and ensure only useful information is displayed.

  • Save and Push for Item Modifier Options (Brand Sync only) - For Menus being managed at a Brand level, enhancements have been made to Item Modifier Options that allow Brand level Menu changes to be pushed down to the Property level.

  • POS Sync Status - More Status’s have been added so that it is more obvious which stage the Sync is in! Theses Status’s now also appear on the Menu listing page, which reduces the number of clicks to see how a Sync is progressing. 

  • iRiS GXP Release Version - The logo of the iRiS GXP Release has been changed to avoid any confusion around the Content Version Number!

  • Building Manager API’s - This is an ongoing iRiS initiative to support future roadmap enhancements such as the ability to build custom Staff-facing experiences

We’ve also included some bug fixes for Transaction Services POS Integration