QO Amsterdam – raising the bar for sustainability and guest technology with iRiS Software Systems


London, UK, November 22, 2018 – QO Amsterdam, part of IHG’s newest concept and the city’s newest hotel, has changed the way of thinking for sustainable, luxury hotels. Living up to its slogan “Your Urban Retreat”, QO embraces all modern, bright working spaces with all that is relaxing to become a visionary lifestyle destination.

With the modern facilities offered combined with the way they were made and designed, the hotel becomes a living building shaped by nature and driven by ingenuity. Constructed from one third recycled concrete, with fully responsive thermal panels that regulate internal temperatures, QO also has a rooftop greenhouse growing the freshest vegetables and fruit.

When considering how best to push their eco-friendly mindset into their 288 rooms, one solution stood out. QO proudly provides an in-room iPad, not only replacing the wasteful traditional paper guest compendium, but also enabling guest communication with the staff and to control their room’s environment. iRiS Software Systems was hand-picked as the digital guest experience partner to drive their sustainable digital revolution.

Using the iPad, guests can discover the vibrant city of Amsterdam, read all about the delights of the hotel, order room service and even take control of the lights, adjust the temperature and open the curtains.

“We want to allow our guests to engage through technology or in person, the choice is theirs. This impressive application empowers guests whilst taking interaction to an unprecedented level. This enables us to be paper-free in the room and always have the most up-to-date information and offers for our guests as it is so easy to update the app.” commented Inge Van Weert, QO Amsterdam’s General Manager.

As part of the offering, the in-room dining menu is displayed on the tablet and guests can place an order directly. The hotel was unsure initially how this would be received, but the results have been very positive:

“We have been very encouraged to see the high volume of in-room dining orders being placed through the tablet, and the high value of each check. Thanks to iRiS’s integration to our POS system, Lightspeed, our staff are able to focus on our delivery, saving time and effort and being free to concentrate on providing outstanding service to our guests. noted Ms Van Weert.

“We are proud to be working with the prestigious QO Amsterdam, and to be part of their incredible story. Constantly looking at ways to improve and to offer value for our customers, it is clear to see how we help not only from a sustainability point of view but also from guest experience and hotel revenue level. We are looking forward to working closely with QO going forward.”  announced Chris Newton-Smith, CEO, iRiS Software Systems.

About iRiS Software Systems:

iRiS is a global leading enterprise applications platform provider, creating innovative mobile and web solutions for the hospitality industry. iRiS’s multi-tenanted, cloud-hosted Guest Experience Platform (GXP®) increases revenue, reduces costs and improves the end-to-end guest experience for hotels in any language. At the heart of the platform is food and beverage ordering to drive revenue for hotels together with POS integration. Other integrations, with many major hotel back-end systems and third party providers such as PMS and door-lock providers, already integrated to, with constant ongoing development. As well as working with large hospitality groups, iRiS also works with smaller independent companies to deliver an outstanding guest experience while consistently generating increased revenue for hotels, restaurants, serviced apartments and bars.

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About QO Amsterdam:

Housed in a unique and remarkable living building, the QO is a new experience for both travellers and the local community, leading the way for the future of hospitality. Every aspect of the QO has been designed to significantly enhance the guest experience while reducing the hotel’s environmental impact. We want to show it is possible for travellers to stay in one of the top hotels in Europe, enjoy the most innovative, luxurious appliances and technologies as well as the healthiest food, and still affirm that they care about our planet.

QO Amsterdam is a unique ‘living building’. This concept means more than just ticking a few eco-friendly boxes: it runs throughout the building, products and operations. At times it will be clear to see and other times it isn’t noticeable at all.

The hotel has innovative features which support a goal to become Platinum LEED® certified, the highest standard for green buildings. This includes an intelligent facade with 1,638 fully-responsive thermal panels that respond to the climate outside.  80% of the hotel’s lighting comes from natural daylight through the use of floor-to-ceiling windows. Both of these features mean the hotel operates in an energy efficient manner. And we are proud to be powered by 100% Dutch wind energy. Grey water recycling reduces the property’s water use by 42%.  And the furnishings have been thoughtfully sourced, including carpet made of 100% recycled fibres. We even have a greenhouse on the roof that provides ingredients for dishes prepared onsite.

More information: www.qo-amsterdam.com

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