There is more to this recent L2 Inc story

We were reading this article based on the results of a recent survey by L2 Inc, a business intelligence service and felt there was more to this story.

Having worked to develop apps for the hospitality industry over the past eight years there has been a clear trend towards mobile interaction with guests in the hotel industry. This trend has been driven by the development in technology and as a consequence the change in buying behaviour of guests.

With technology moving rapidly to mobile access (50% of internet access is now via mobile devices) it is essential that any brand that wants to engage with its customers will need to create a mobile app and digital platform that will make the customers’ experience easier and quicker.

So, this would seem a relatively straight forward solution to the problem, however, what prevents it being successful and prevents good apps being developed is a lack of strategic focus and investment. In many cases, the L2 report is absolutely accurate, but, having worked with many global brands and independent hotels, our experience shows that with the right senior level commitment and investment, mobile apps can be hugely successful in increasing guest engagement and improving the efficiency of the hotel.

Most of our recent work had highlighted this with specific functionality including;

– Native mobile app for iOS and Android

– Hotel information

– Event booking

– In Room dining

– F&B ordering to other locations like poolside

– Service requests

– Itinerary management

Overall, we agree with the L2 article, but only with the caveat that where proper investment and internal commitment is made, the apps will deliver good value. Our advice, look into all options and plan to invest strategically over an extended period, in that way the app will deliver.

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