iRiS helps guests to make informed menu choices


Recently the UK government has launched a consultation on compulsory calorie labelling and we know that this already in place for some states in the US, so we've been researching new features for our product suite to further enhance the guest experience and to help support hotel outlets to show the relevant menu content.

We believe that it is important to provide guests with the ability to make more informed choices about their menu selections. A 2017 study by the University of Technology Sydney found that displaying calorie information encouraged a reduction of 27 calories per meal for consumers and even encouraged outlets to reduce their menu items on average by 15 calories.

However, there is an overriding concern in the UK hospitality industry that this regulation will adversely impact menu prices, in part due to increased overheads for restaurants which change their menus regularly.

The Product Team here at iRiS are working on a new feature within our Guest Experience Platform (GXP) that will accommodate the need for additional information to be displayed against menu items. We’re going beyond calorie count too and we’ll include options for ingredients, allergy and dietary information, as well as the ability to filter and search based on these attributes. With staff able to update this information via GXP in real-time to reflect menu changes, it will reduce the operational overheads of paper menu updates. 

With our Guest facing products in hotels across the globe and a move towards more transparency in menus, we appreciate the need to meet different regulations. This new feature will be included in a future release of GXP and our iRiS Guest App suite - watch this space!

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