iRiS Guest Table

Bringing your restaurant menu to life

iRiS Guest Table has been built and designed for the modern traveller. Whether they want a simple digital menu to browse through, or direct table-side ordering, iRiS gives you the flexibility to choose how you want your guests to interact with your menus, however complex.

The hospitality industry has always embraced technology, and the modern traveller expects no less. Guests, more than ever, want to browse, swipe, tap, or touch out their requests and orders on a device, just like they do in everyday life. iRiS Guest Table, powered by our Guest Experience Platform (GXP), provides you with the tools and technology to digitise your restaurant menus in any number of ways. Hotels and Restaurants have to manage more and more integrations and being able to bring all of that information together into one touch point for their guests is what iRiS does best.

With iRiS Guest Table, an optional POS integration can synchronise your menu to our platform. Customise your Items with attributes to provide accurate dietary and allergen information so your guests are informed about making the right choice. Add Modifiers to truly customise your chef’s menu so your guests can have their meal prepared as they want it, and in any language. Add Availability Periods to control specific times that Menus or Items can be ordered. Connect popular Items to up-sell your most popular products, allows guests to add comments on their orders so you don’t miss a thing, add large beautiful images and text to your Items, and start to learn about your guest’s behaviour with our advanced analytics.

“iRiS Guest Table presents a new journey for iRiS. For years we’ve worked with hotels on their in-room and mobile app experiences, and now we’re helping our customers digitise their entire F&B offerings with iRiS Guest Table. Your guests will be able to use an app at any time you want” - Chris Newton-Smith, CEO, iRiS Software Systems

 iRiS Guest Table is available on both iOS and Android. Contact our Sales team to setup a product demo so you can see in more detail how the app could transform your business.

We want iRiS Guest to be at the center of how your guests experience your digital services.