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Our Product Team here at iRiS have been busy working to bring our new products to market. In 2018 we’ve delivered our new native apps iRiS Guest Room and Mobile alongside our iRiS Guest Web solution. We have also been hard at work building some key new features into our Guest Experience Platform (GXP) that can be used in our apps and are also available to anyone who wants to build against our APIs.

We’re a small team of 4 but working with a dedicated group of development and testing resource we’ve been able to share some great successes this year and now we are building on them.

When we release a new product or feature to our customers, it doesn’t stop there! We are continuously look for ways to improve the guest experience or reduce operational headaches for hotels and restaurants. Whether it’s a simple change to show an extra field in our reporting suite to larger pieces of work such as providing recommendations to guests in the F&B ordering module based on their previous orders.

We work in fortnightly development cycles so that we can regularly ship new updates to our platform and Apps to benefit all our customers.

We believe in transparency, so we’ll be posting regularly to our blog with product updates, meet the team, upcoming feature releases and some background to the research we do as part of the product development cycle.

If you are already using an iRiS Guest or GXP product and want to provide some suggestions on how to improve them, great! We have an email, which is product@iris.net and we would love to hear from you and we might be able to solve a problem that you have.

Kate, Jade, Chris & Gabriele (in order)

Kate, Jade, Chris & Gabriele (in order)

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