GXP Release Notes


This Release of GXP focusses on some enhancements to the Brand Sync feature we released last month. These changes were identified from customer and user feedback and seen as valuable additions to the Platform to support ease of use.

These changes include:

  • Check Info Lines - The Check Info Lines have been shortened for our Transaction Services POS Integration, this is to save space on the printed check and ensure only useful information is displayed.

  • Save and Push for Item Modifier Options (Brand Sync only) - For Menus being managed at a Brand level, enhancements have been made to Item Modifier Options that allow Brand level Menu changes to be pushed down to the Property level.

  • POS Sync Status - More Status’s have been added so that it is more obvious which stage the Sync is in! Theses Status’s now also appear on the Menu listing page, which reduces the number of clicks to see how a Sync is progressing. 

  • iRiS GXP Release Version - The logo of the iRiS GXP Release has been changed to avoid any confusion around the Content Version Number!

  • Building Manager API’s - This is an ongoing iRiS initiative to support future roadmap enhancements such as the ability to build custom Staff-facing experiences

We’ve also included some bug fixes for Transaction Services POS Integration